Do you love the PI Path Tools? Would you perhaps like to improve your skills/share your work with others of a like mind? Free Spirit Graphics is a Bulletin Board just for the purpose!

We have 5 Challenge Forums, a Gift Shop for path tools goodies, A Learning Centre (for pooling our knowledge, hints and tips etc as well as announcing new tutorials), Help & Discussion section, PI 10 Think Tank, several Showcase Galleries, a Stained Glass Workshop, Critique Corner and 3 General forums - all designed to help you get the most out of the vector tools.

The Board also acts as the official Forum for students of Rosie Hardman-Ixer's PhotoImpact Path School courses (fee paying) to post their course work. Please note, however, that we DO NOT have an organised course of work/tutorials on this Board other than this.

We welcome ALL levels of ability - however we don't teach the basics of PhotoImpact or its vector tools - so a little experience with the path tools is preferred.

Board Adminstration: Rosie Hardman-Ixer, Jeaney Borland & Jeri Hoskins.


1. This Board is for learning and showing work done with the PhotoImpact Path Tools and all things related to them. Pictures can include backgrounds etc made with the other tools in PI but all the major elements all pictures should be made with the Path Tools. No clip art or PSP tubes are allowed. Beginners with only a basic knowledge and Advanced users are all welcome as long as you have a serious commitment to learning and using these tools.

2. Please do NOT post ANY O/T (Off Topic) subjects except reasons for absence from the Board - illness/holidays etc. It is OK to post virus warnings and important updates too.

3. The Board won't tolerate ANY copyright abuse of artwork, photographs or software. If in doubt - please ask a Moderator for advice. https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adam-schanz

4. Please don't direct-link to resources or tutorials on other sites without the permission of the author in writing first. This is just to prevent overloading the tutorial site's bandwidth by mistake and it is only polite.

5. Tasteful nudity in pictures is allowed (we are all mature adults here) but controversial subjects such as race, religion and politics should be used with discretion to avoid giving offence to people of different persuasions.

6. Please watch language.... There are words which are, for instance, acceptable in the US of A which might not be acceptable in Europe/the UK and vice versa - this is an International Board and everyone's sensibilities should be respected. If an offensive word is posted inadvertently your post will be edited and an explanation given privately.

7. No personal differences should be aired on the Board. Please email one of the Adminstrators (Jeaney, Jeri or Rosie) if you have any problems with people or posts and we will sort things out peacefully LOL!

8. For Profile photos and sigtags, please do not link to any account held at PIRC BW accounts as this may cause problems there for you. If you don't have webspace, let one of the Administration know and we will gladly put your photo and/or tag pic on one of our sites for you to link to - NO problem!

9. This is a Board for participants (i.e. people willing to post artwork made with the path tools on a regular basis) ONLY - & non-contributors will eventually be asked, politely, to leave. Participation in say one challenge or Board per week is just fine!

10. This Board is Membership BY INVITATION of the Adminstration ONLY. If you know of anyone who would like to join please contact either Rosie, Jeaney or Jeri by email and let us know, rather than passing on the Board URL. We do not wish to cause offence by denying membership to anyone because they have not been invited by us. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Alder/reviews


If you HAVE NOT received an email invitation to the Board
from one of the 3 Adminstrators above

but would like to join please
Email Rosie
with a little information about yourself and how you found our group - Thank You!

If you HAVE already received an email invitation to the Board
from one of the 3 Administrators above

and are happy with these Guidelines please come to
Register on the Board!
to Register and we will approve your membership as quickly as possible.

Please note that you will not be able to view the Board in its entirety until your membership has been approved and you have made your first post in the Say Hello Forum.

If you love those path tools we'd LOVE to have you with us!

This page, graphics and text, copyright R.Hardman-Ixer 2004